Offset - Table Positioning - XYZ

  • Gundrilling Machines
  • Dehoff
  • Drillmation
  • Eldorado
  • Brown & Sharpe

Hole diameters from .062" to 2.750". Offset allows quick response to customer requirements.The gun drill is guided by the support bushing to control size and location in this landing gear axle hole.

Centerline and Counter Rotating

The Pratt & Whitney two spindle gun drilling machines are for tubular type drilling. They range from the smaller, shorter machines to the larger, longer bed equipment. The Eldorado gun drilling machines (1 & 2 Spindle) are used for the smaller shorter holes. High spindle surface feet speeds light feed rates are inherent to the gun drilling process.


"Trepanning" - The centerline drilling of larger diameter through holes producing a core - range from 2.500" diameter to 8.00" diameter through lengths of 10 feet.

The core produced is approximately 1.500" outside diameter under the size of the drilled hole diameter.

For shorter blind bottom hole rough drilling, we have a "Spade Drill" capability.

Honing required for uniform size and surface finish.


To Improve the surface finish and to control uniform hole size of our "gun drilled" and "trepanned" capabilities, we offer honing.

Horizontal honing gives a capability of .500" diameter to 12.00" diameter holes by depths to 9 feet. These machines are used extensively for special tubing, barrels, landing gear and typical parts. 

The Sunnen Cylinder Kings handle a wide variety of bore finishing in the larger, heavy or odd shaped work pieces.

The Sunnen Manual and Stroker machines are used for the smaller holes.